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​~ Piaroma ~

Piano & Aromatherapy

​Healing Piano Salon

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Exposed to stressful daily life, we need healing.

We will share the pleasant tones of the piano and the knowledge of aromas (essential oils) that are useful for beauty and health.


We want everyone to feel a little bit of healing and happiness.

The pianist Kaori Nakagawa graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. Since then she has performed both as a soloist and an accompanist. While based in Tatsuno City in Hyogo Prefecture, she has also been an invaluable teacher for many students.

Her performances have earned her the reputation whereby members of the audience can almost sense the harmonic vibrations of the sound when listening to her playing at concerts.

Her performances when accompanying the violinist Simon Young Kim have garnered particularly favourable responses.
Mr. Kim and Ms. Nakagawa have recorded several short pieces together.

Ms . Nakagawa’s other CD releases include works of Mr. Nobumasa Matsuda the composer, such as “Kinneret” which is now streamed online.


``Healing Piano Salon'' is held regularly.
- Online -
(Free participation)

癒しのピアノサロン バナー.jpg

Third Saturday of every month 8:00pm~

(Subject to change due to circumstances)

​We will deliver piano music performances with different themes each time, depending on the season and situation.


We will also talk about essential oils that have a positive effect on the mind and body, and how to use them.


Please feel free to listen to it whether you have aroma experience or not!

​ Information about the “Healing Piano Salon” will be provided from the piaroma official line account.


Read the QR code with your phone's camera or click Add Friend to register!

PAYPAL accepts support for Kaori Nakagawa's performance activities. We sincerely thank you for your support.
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Song information/discography


​KINNERET 〜キネレット〜

​Piano Alubum

クラシックの新しいジャンルのピアノアルバム。リラックスできる心地よいメロディー、かつクラシカルな高い演奏技巧とサウンドが楽しめる。 「キネレット」は、ガリラヤ湖の別名で聖書の地としても有名。作曲者 松田宣正はガリラヤ地方を訪れた際、イエスの時代に想いを馳せ、湧きおこるメロディーを魅力的な3部作にまとめあげた。 優秀録音盤を数多く手がけてきた赤坂工芸音研のマスターエンジニア石渡義夫氏によって収録からマスタリングまで行われた。「単に良い音でなく味わい深い魅力的なサウンドを目指した」作品。

​There is a distribution service that allows you to listen for free, and a paid service that allows you to download high-quality sound sources (high resolution) to your terminal device.

You can purchase CDs and DVDs by world-renowned violinist Simon Yang Kim, who performed with us as a piano accompanist.

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